The ultimate all-in-one trusted solution for Data Confidentiality and Integrity

We enable IoT, 5G, New Space, DLT, tokenization and other digital disruption to scale without compromising on Data security

We have successfully implemented our solutions for Digital Asset management protection in a range of Tier 1 Banks, for IoT devices security used by EU governments and mission control protection for New Space organizations.

We have also helped network providers to mitigate cybersecurity risks during the launch of new digital services and we are developing solutions to secure satellite communications.

Choose to host your container-based App in a Trusted Execution Environment with integrated DevOps capabilities and cloud-optimized software by using CYSEC’s Open Source based Enclave.
Data will be protected in Use, in Transit and at Rest.

CYSEC’s enclave is compliant with the Open Container Initiative (OCI), open governance structure formed under the auspices of the Linux Foundation.

ARCA Trusted Execution Environment provides a new level of trust in the Integrity and Confidentiality of your Data and Code in a Hybrid Cloud architecture.

CYSEC's Confidential Computing solution protects Data in Use by running your critical applications in a Trusted Execution Environment, mitigating the 6 major business cyber risks

As Data in Transit and at Rest is increasingly protected and the threats on network and storage diminish, attackers have shifted to targeting Data in Use.

With more data being moved to the Cloud, standard security solutions are increasingly limited in their ability to protect against attacks.

New regulations (GDPR) hold custodians accountable in case of a breach leading to leaked data.

The processing and the storage of an increased amount of Data in remote and often difficult to secure locations makes its protection during execution increasingly important.

COVID19 has induced changes in business workflows, IT architectures have become any more isolated than before and IT infrastructure control is increasingly complex. In the process of shaping their post-COVID defense strategy, companies must protect their most-sensitive Data in Use.

Companies with geopolitical and geo-economic responsibilities have to protect their data when sharing it and during processing by third parties.

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