Introducing the CYSEC's ARCA

The most innovative, secure and agile confidential computing solution on the market

Tamper Resilient

Tamper detection, tamper evident, tamper resistant.

Compliant & Certified

Enterprise-grade, FIPS and CC certified.

Secured & Isolated APPs

Patented Open Source base Enclave built by CYSEC.

Modern Interfaces

gRPC, JCE and RESTful API.

Clustering & Backup

Kubernetes and Vault.

Crypto Agility

Adapted Cryptographic, back end-leveraging HSM, SE and SGX depending on your Threat Model.

ARCA Architecture

Four benefits of using

Data Confidentiality & Integrity

Ensuring the security of sensitive Data in Transit, in Use and at Rest for all your critical APPs.

Rapid Go-to-Market

Facilitating digital transformation with a versatile and highly scalable security solution.

Choose From Existing Applications

Browse our marketplace and select a solution that fits your business needs.


Hybrid Cloud

Easy-to-install and cost-effective way to migrate to the Cloud without compromising security.

Meet the ARCA family

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