Confidential Edge Computing

Today, more than 30 billion connected devices around the world constitute “The Edge”, forming together the Internet of Things (IoT). While IoT provides many benefits for society by increasing the quality of life and tackling global challenges, it is also warned to become the “Internet of Threats”.

While considering the Edge as the weakest part of the network offering an easy entry point to the internal computing environment, risks exist in each building block of IoT ecosystems.

CYSEC proposes an innovative solution to secure your IoT system by design.

Our solution is based on Confidential Computing, an emerging technology that isolates and protects code and data from the host system and warrants data confidentiality and integrity. Your critical software and sensitive data will be protected from the most advanced cyber threats.

ARCA enables hardware-based confidential Edge computing for private and hybrid Cloud architectures, keeping code and data safe throughout its entire lifecycle.


Thanks to our simple and hardened API, deploying your Docker container or Kubernetes stack on ARCA is as easy as in the public cloud.


ARCA protects not only the data at rest and in-transit but also in use, the ultimate frontier of cyber protection called confidential computing.


From on premise deployment to a complete managed hosting, make the best out of the hybrid cloud model.

What Our IoT Customers Say

CYSEC’s SaaS model for IoT cybersecurity protects Lancey Energy Storage’s fleet of smart heaters.

“Our solutions of energy storage, like our smart heater with battery, embed numerous sensors, for instance to optimize self-consumption of renewables. This feature is of course very positive for both the environment and the end-user’s wallet, but it also requires to work very precautiously to protect personal data as well as the piloting of the devices. That is why we have decided to work with CYSEC to deploy our solutions worldwide, with what we consider an optimal security and privacy hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment.”

Raphaël Meyer, CEO of Lancey

CYSEC and Geosatis partnered to set the foundation to enable the use of state-of-the art cryptographic technologies for the secure deployment and operations of IoT-based electronic monitoring solutions for the justice sector and beyond.

“We have to ensure our customers we provide the highest standards of security. It is crucial for us to have a backend that achieves this standard as well as our connected bracelets. We chose to work with CYSEC to deploy our firmware-signing application on premise on ARCA to level up our overall security architecture. We can now assure that our bracelets are secure end-to-end!”

Reshad Moussa, CTO of Geosatis

CYSEC and The Things Industry, member of the LoRa Alliance partnered to offer a highly secure on-premises LoRaWAN network deployment for enterprise customers.

“Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as LoRaWAN private networks are scaling up. We want our Enterprise customers to benefit from the best solutions available without putting the burden on them to set up their own backend infrastructure. Thanks to CYSEC we are able to offer them an integrated solution with state-of-the-art performance and an easy, quick and cost-efficient implementation that complements our partnership with Microchip”, Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries

Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries

CYSEC and Build38 partnered to facilitate the secure deployment of mobile app protection, offering a fully-integrated solution combining mobile and backend deployments for Enterprise customers.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer to our customers a fully-integrated package of our T.A.K. application on the ARCA backend infrastructure. We want to be able to provide the implementation model that suits the best our customers needs, being on the cloud or on premises. We‘re having more and more requests for deployments on premises and ARCA beats all competition by offering a secured backend hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment without the pain that usually goes with it.”

Christian Schläger, CEO of Build38 GmbH

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