Protecting Space Assets and Data

As many as 1,000 satellites are now launched each year, 5 times more than 10 years ago, collecting and transmitting a growing amount of valuable data.

Smaller in size, more agile and with a faster time-to-market, modern satellites rely on complex ground and space infrastructures that greatly increase the attack surface.

CYSEC offers a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on ground and on board, a first end-to-end solution to protect space assets and data.

ARCA provides a confidential computing environment on ground able to protect the Mission Control Software and its associated cryptographic secrets

ARCASPACE is an innovative solution that enables confidential computing in space

How we fit your needs

Satellite operators

Demonstrate cyber-resilience of your infrastructure to your clients and investors

Satellite manufacturers

A plug-and-play confidential computing solution to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data and software on board

Ground segment providers

Secure your MCS and ground station network fast and easy with ARCA, a hardware-based TEE

What our Space Customers Say:

CYSEC designed and implemented the architecture providing end-to-end security for Astrocast's global, two-way, IoT satellite communication system. Security is ensured from the end customer, to the 80 satellites of the constellation and all-the-way to the IoT terminals on ground and oceans.

“The economics of a satellite IoT communication system is critically dependent on the efficient management of resources, both in the terminal and on the satellite. Hence, processing, memory and power that can be dedicated to security must be kept minimal. Finding the perfect trade-off and approach is difficult and requires skillful experts at the forefront of cybersecurity technologies, both in hardware and software.”

Federico Belloni, CTO of Astrocast

The collaboration between CYSEC and Leaf Space offers an end-to-end protection covering the ground station network and the mission control software on the ground hosted by the satellite operator.

“Cybersecurity is now a major concern for certain new space actors and will become always more relevant in the near future in our industry. As a provider of ground infrastructure we want our customers to benefit from the best level of protection available today. CYSEC is the first to propose pragmatic solutions to this issue.”

Jonata Puglia, CEO of Leaf Space

CYSEC develops a solution mitigating the cyber risks related to ship tracking using satellite communication.

“Cybersecurity is a very important topic at ESA, not only for space infrastructures and missions, but also regarding all the services using satellite-based data and technologies. Ship tracking is one of them and cybersecurity is a complex issue that needs to be addressed. We are delighted that the consortium led by CYSEC showed all the technical and business expertise to successfully complete this feasibility study and are looking forward to the outcomes.”

Laurence Duquerroy, ESA Space Solutions

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Download CYSEC’s Space White Paper | 34 pages, 23 figures, 60 references


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